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Business Aviation Centre Cologne GmbH, 51147 Köln
Telephone 0049 (0)2203 / 95 99 90

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Our new GAT in Cologne/Bonn Airport 

Since September 2011, we have been operating the new General Aviation Terminal (GAT) which is open for both private and business flyers.  We, Business Aviation Centre Cologne GmbH, are the people to talk to for any general aviation flight from or to Cologne.

We are responsible for buildings and premises, and are your handling agents for all services concerning take-off and landing.

We write invoices on behalf of the airport for all general aviation flights. We not only take care of your flights in Cologne/Bonn, but also agree handling arrangements across the whole of Germany. Our mission is to make everything that is possible practical.

You can get more information about out the Cologne terminal here.